Health & Safety Manager

Job description


The Dandara Group is an industry leader in the housing and property development sector. We are amongst the top three most profitable private development companies. Established in 1988, the Group currently turns over £250m per annum and with new developments constantly in the pipeline, we continue to be in an exciting time of growth and expansion. Depending on the economic climate, we aim to double the Group’s turnover within the next five years.

A new role has opened up in our Edinburgh region for a Site Based Health & Safety Manager covering our construction sites. Please note, experience in house building is essential to be considered for this role.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Safety Inspections

Carry out fortnightly formal inspections across each site and issue a hand written report to each site before leaving, Followed by a typed inspection report within 24hrs of leaving the site

  • Carry out fortnightly informal weekly inspections across all sites. Encouraging the sites to open up and highlight issues they wish to address. Confirm findings of inspection in a typed report within 24hrs of leaving the site
  • Report all information from formal and informal inspections to the relevant directors, project/contracts managers, site management, and the Health & Safety department as required.
  • Ensure any street-works activities are inspected daily and issue a hand written report before leaving each site, ensuring that any serious items have been rectified prior to leaving site.
  • Issue good and bad practice photos to the Health & Safety department for inclusion in the monthly Health & Safety meetings.
  • Compile scores from Health & Safety inspections and issue these to the Health & Safety department for inclusion in the monthly Health & Safety meeting.
  • Monitor RAMS, COSHH assessments and any other documentation on each site and should new documents be completed onsite that are suitable and sufficient ensure these are included onto the Health & Safety drive, to ensure these can be shared throughout the region and to prevent duplication.
  • Highlight trends within the company and allow improvements to be implemented in the right areas.
  • Where required carry out inspections on sections of sites prior to work activities taking place that are considered out of the norm.
  • Where advisable carry out inspections of work activities or working practices that are giving cause or concerns that you deem to be causing a greater risk to the company.
  • Make sure fire inspection, tests, and evacuation drills are being undertaken in the office facility, sales facilities and across all sites.
  • Attend site during any visitations by the HSE, SEPA etc where possible.
  • Ensure monthly inspections of empty premises or sites where works are not currently taking place. Issue a report to the relevant director

Company Inductions

  • Carry out onsite and office safety inductions as required.
  • Carry out Young person’s inductions for any onsite or office personnel under the age of 18, ensuring all relevant safety aspects have been covered.
  • Ensure onsite inductions are being carried out to a good standard by visiting site and sitting in on inductions and providing help and feedback.
  • Provide training to personnel who are undertaking inductions onsite as required.
  • Monitor information to ensure inductions are kept up to date.
  • Provide help and assistance to sites to ensure everyone working onsite receives the required information prior to starting works onsite.


  • Attend site following all accidents/incidents and complete all documentation.
  • Issue safety alerts following accidents/incidents.
  • Implement improvements as required to prevent re occurrence.
  • Liaise with local authorities i.e. HSE, SEPA when required and be the point of contact for the company

Health & Safety Meetings

  • Chair all monthly internal Health & Safety meetings.
  • Provide supporting information for inclusion in the monthly Health & Safety meetings, good & bad practice photos, Safety inspection scores, Accident/Incident information,
  • Safety improvement notices issued and any other information required.
  • Attend onsite Health & Safety meetings regularly.
  • Provide feedback from all meetings to management or sites as required to allow good ideas to be passed throughout the region.

Health & Safety Information

  • Development of health and safety management systems including health and safety policy documents, risk assessments, method statements and accident reporting systems.
  • Implement new systems and procedures as required to ensure Health and Safety regulations are being adhered to.
  • Monitor the use of Health & Safety booklets like the Health & Safety improvement notice books, permit to dig books etc ensuring there is an
  • adequate supply on all sites.
  • Monitor and direct safety advisors to ensure all company health and safety undertakings are being adhered to.
  • Produce Construction Phase Plans for all sites
  • Produce pre – construction plans for all sites
  • Ensure company directors are made aware of any health and safety failing within the company

Design Team Meetings

  • Attend Design team meetings
  • Ensure designers are conforming to Health and Safety legislation and procedures
  • Advise principal designers on their roles and requirements
  • Your role will also include you to be part of the design team


  • Keep the company training matrix up to date.
  • Arrange training of site and office staff as required.
  • Complete training reclaim letters, issue to the candidate, and send to HR when signed off by the candidate.
  • Monitor the feedback from the various courses and compile a recommended supply of training providers.
  • Keep a training budget and review expenditure if required.

About you

You will be a Health and Safety professional with essential experience on site in the house building and commercial areas of the construction industry. You will also have supervised directly employed labour as well. Experience in house building and is essential for you to be considered for this
role. Qualifications will include CMIOSH MIIRSM. A hands-on approach to guiding and or encouraging others to carry out their roles correctly whether internal or external will be essential.